2014 Ragnar

Here we go again!

I just did a SUPER long Ragnar post, and then my computer had "an unexpected error" and deleted it. I'm so annoyed. Here are pics instead...
 We had a great first crop of hay!

 Josie's first run

 Stac conquering Ragnar Hill
 Finish Line

 Still happy on my first leg

 View from my first leg
 Crossfit has been messing my hands up!

 We had a BLAST at the Lapoint Celebrations. Parade, Dinner, Dancing, and Fireworks!!! So fun!

 Josie's last run...
 GMA, GPA, and Aunt Jackie came to visit! I felt bed we were gone two days of it, but the kids enjoyed it because they stayed at Grammy's the whole time! Love when they visit.

Stac took Bri mountain biking. She did AMAZING! And she had a blast doing it too.



Okay, I'm back. I have been stressing over how I had ten million posts to catch up on, but I just decided to do one BIG picture post and then keep up on individual posts throughout the summer…

 These two pictures are a hike that Jake, Ben, Shevin, Tytan, Cy, Jens, August, and Creeson went on while bear hunting… It was a long day for them!
 Bronson and Jake sat in the helicopter as they waited for me to finish the tri.
 Loved the dino tri this year! I really hope someone will take over and do it next year.
 Sherry, Johnny, Scott, Jake, Mitch, and Morgan finished the pack test as a "band of brothers." haha
 We took our honda with the Nyberg's and went to Cottonwood Lake. Jake and Derrik jumped in… it was still May! We also saw a baby owl.

 One day on our way to work Jake called and said he had a bear right off the road… We couldn't resist going to see it!
 We took the Michaelson girls to school on their last day in fourth grade and kindergarten. It was exciting!
 My adorable babies!

 Good Memorial Day
 Elly got a phone and so we would text her lots of pictures of our day to day activities. Here was one where we said, "Night Elly Belly!"

 The girls took pigs to the Uintah Stockshow. We LOVED these pigs this year, and had so much fun with them! Bri even gave them a bath on their last day at home.
 My kids got in a bad habit of kicking Jake and I out of our bed… 

 Brilee did AWESOME at her triathlon! She is such a competitor. She wouldn't even stop for water because she wanted to beat the line of kids who did.

 Back to my tri… (These pictures are in all sorts of crazy order.)
 Rowdy and Bronson watching TV. Bronson is the biggest copy cat. Whatever the older kids do he does. He picks one to follow and doesn't stop. This day of Rowdy laid down Bronson did. If Rowdy jumped Bronson did. etc… 
 We solved their bad habit of sleeping with us by setting up Bronson's big boy bed. Now they both sleep in it together. 

 First (technically second, but they were the same day) fire of the season.

 We had a blast camping and boating with the Nyberg, Hacking, Bullock clan over Father's Day weekend.

 Chloey got her aerial… Now she just needs to be brave and do it without me standing by her.

Exhausted after a day at Whiterocks Canyon.